Western foot-binding

Don’t ask me how, but I stumbled across this the other day:  15 of the Ugliest Celebrity Feet.  These poor women have spent a lifetime torturing themselves by walking in impossibly uncomfortable and unhealthy shoes, and are now clearly living in pain.  The very shape of their feet have been distorted.

When are women going to stop doing this to ourselves?  Yes, high heels are sexy, even to me.  But they wouldn’t be sexy if we start seeing them for what they are: a modern western form of foot-binding.  No one looks at a bound foot anymore and finds it sexy, even though for millions of people it used to be the height of eroticism.  It’s time high heels went the way of the bound foot.

By expecting women to walk around in heels all day, even and especially to work in them, we are ensuring that they can never carry out their work in comfort, as a man expects to do.  A woman can never get to her destination as fast as a man can, and she must make sure to stay off grass and avoid paved or cobbled areas.  Her whole day is planned around the fact that she will be effectively handicapped.

The internet is an abundant source of information on the terrible effects of wearing heels, but I think this blog and this video are worth checking out first.  Particularly sobering is the finding, talked about in the NYT post, that the body is negatively impacted after even a single day of heel-wearing.

One would think that seeing photo’s of the debilitating physical consequences of high heels would shock some sense into us.  Instead, we laugh at the victims.  Shame on us.


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