Getting really real

David Frum, formerly special assistant to George W Bush, has a must-read piece at CNN.  He discusses the abortion debate currently raging in America from a point of view that I’ve neve heard anyone else talk about before.  If American law-makers want to force women to have a baby they’ve been impregnated with against their will (and many of them seem to be leaning this way), are they going to pay for it?  Is the state going to pay for the massively expensive pre-natal care and birth?  Are they going to support the child financially?

The point is an excellent one and is compounded by the fact that American women do not enjoy the same work-place protections many of us in the rest of the world take for granted.  So after being raped, many unfortunate women can look forward to losing their job and having to pay for the medical care of their attacker’s offspring.  I’m struggling to think of anything quite as monstrous right now.


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