Those are some big photos

The last time (well, the only time really) I visited Versailles I had only a little compact “point and shoot” film camera (I was a student, dammit, I couldn’t afford anything else and that little camera was my baby).  I’m sure many other visitors have felt the same frustration I experienced at not being able to capture the grandeur of the place in one shot.  The angles of the place are just too difficult, when you get close enough to get some of the detail you are too close to capture the majesty.  You end up taking lots of small unconnected photo’s that just don’t do justice to the place.

Apparently, someone with fancy expensive cameras and photoshops has fixed that problem for all of us.  Jean-Francois Rauzier is creating magical photographic panoramas, 66 feet wide and with a resolution 10,000 times that of a normal photograph.  He says he wanted to engage viewers for hours.  So if you have a couple of hours to spare, head over there.  My favourite is the one of the City Hall Stairs.


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