Crazy cat lady

I love cats.  Throughout my life, with the exception of times spent travelling, I’ve had at least one cat companion.  There is a pretty high chance that I will end up as a crazy cat lady with thirty cats, and when I die alone the neighbours will only discover my body after the cats have devoured half my face.  In fact, it’s only with the sternest self-control that I am managing to stick to a two-cat maximum at the moment, because every time I see a kitten I melt a little bit on the inside.

So I’m pretty sure I must be a carrier of the toxoplasmosa gondii parasite, an issue that has had me mildly worried since I first found out about it a few months ago.  Luckily, a recent study has shown that carrying this parasite probably does not cause brain cancer.  Instead, it decreases inhibitions and causes the carrier to be more outgoing.  Who wouldn’t want to be more outgoing?  Now my only worry is that if I don’t have it, how do I make sure to get it?  I love my cats, but not enough to roll around in their litter tray..


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