Misogyny in comedy

I went to the Nando’s Jozi Comedy Festival this past weekend, expecting to be entertained by a line-up of great American comics.  What a disappointment!  Let me cut straight to the highlights:

  • “When she doesn’t want to have sex, then you can’t have sex.  Well, you can, but in my country they call that rape.”
  • (To a female audience member) “I’m going to punch you in the tit.  I’ve always wanted to punch a whole line of women in the tit.  It would be like going down a picket fence, pow pow pow pow…”
  • “You know when you get the feeling you’re going to get lucky tonight, like when she goes to the toilet and leaves her drink with you..”

The worst part is that they tought the audience wasn’t laughing at this shit because it was too “risque”, not because rape and violence against women just isn’t that funny, especially to the women in the audience.  I hate it when men think that for a woman to have a sense of humour means she must find the idea of rape funny.


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