Apology to a Dischem pharmacist

Dear Dischem Pharmacist

I apologise for crapping all over you yesterday (on Women’s Day).  When I lost my temper with you, you looked at me like you thought I was crazy, and I can only imagine what you must have been thinking.  Of course there was no way for you to know that it wasn’t you I was really raging at, but this fucked up system which makes it so fucking hard for women to get the most basic of medical care.

When you told me I could only get one more repeat of my birth control, when I was sure I had at least three more repeats left, my emotions immediately started spiralling into a PTSD-like panic attack.  This was triggered by the memory of having to endure being “thoroughly examined” (clavicles fondled, stomach palpated, calves stroked, lower back poked) by the at-first-glance harmless appearing elderly GP I had requested the script from.  I know I should have somehow put a stop to it, but I was scared that he would refuse to write the script, which I needed urgently, and I just couldn’t afford to take more time off work to see another doctor.

The only reason I visited Dr Feel-Good-All-Over in the first place was because I couldn’t face the thought of going back to Dr How-Dare-You-Take-Birth-Control.  She gave me a fifteen minute speech about the extreme health risks I was exposing myself to, followed by a healthy five-minute dose of slut-shaming, before writing me a script for a one-month supply.  I can only assume that the reason she did this was to make sure she would be able to give me another dose of her special brand of medical advice after only 28 days.

So that is why, Dischem Pharmacist, I had that little freak out which clearly freaked you out too.  Again, I apologise for taking it out on you.  It wasn’t the time or the place for me to explain why a woman would have such a massive problem with being unexpectedly cut off from her supply of birth control, so the brief apology I gave you once I’d calmed down may have seemed insufficient.  And I was genuinely relieved when you discovered that a clerical error had been made and that I did in fact have three repeats left.  So thank you for that.


The Woman with Three Repeats on her Birth Control


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