Some special advice for women

So I came upon this on LinkedIn today.  So, according to this guy, women should avoid doing the following when going for an interview:

Never reveal your desperation:  showing your desperation sends a negative message to your employer. He may try to exploit you. You should try to impress the interviewer by your intelligence and avoid any negative non-verbal cues during an interview.

Do not wear vibrant hair extensions like red, blue or green: bright colors are a turn off for most people as they indicate a lack of seriousness.

Carry an extra copy of your resume: interviews get a number of resumes from various people. There’s a chance that they might have misplaced yours at the time of the interview.

Do not lie: no matter how small it is, a lie is a lie. Your integrity should come before anything else for you. Even hiding the facts is better than lying about it.

Do not look ‘funky’: no matter how much your culture has changed, be sure you look professional even if that drags you out of the trend. Wearing tattoos or rings or even chewing gum might be a reason for your unsuccessful interview.

Seriously?  Women should avoid lying and looking desperate?  Women should remember to take along a copy of their resume?  Women should dress appropriately?  What is it about these interview mistakes that make them especially relevant for women?  Are we so inept that we need some extra special help to get a job?  And my favourite part:

For a woman, getting through an interview is more of an art than science.

Because we all know women don’t understand sciency gobbledygook, so calling it an art helps us understand better.


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