Something Wicked This Way Comes

Let me tell you about our little Friday night adventure.  There was a party in Braamfontein in Joburg, and being the responsible adults that we are, we decided to go via public transport so that we could take a taxi home and not worry about drinking and driving.

Step 1 was to catch the Gautrain bus from Illovo to the Rosebank station.  As we stood waiting for the bus, many drivers slowed down to have a closer look at us.  Apparently, standing next to the street in a known hooker pick-up zone will cause many people to mistake you for a hooker.  Maybe it was the earrings?  After waiting for 20 minutes we phoned the helpline to ask when the next bus was coming, as the schedule indicated they should be coming by at least once every 15 minutes.  Imagine our disappointment when the operator informed us that the buses no longer run in the evening, and that “we’ve been asking head office to update the schedule for years now, but they haven’t done anything.” Friendly tip: the Gautrain buses stop running at 7pm now.

So we went over to plan B: driving to the Rosebank station and leaving the car there.  And I just realised it is still there – better go fetch it!  The trip from Rosebank to Park station was quick, but the train was pretty empty which was freaky.  Arriving at the almost deserted Park station, we asked one of the security people where we could find a taxi.  Ominously, she told us to wait right where we were while she arranged one for us.  When the taxi came it turned out the driver was her brother, which strangely made us feel a little better.

We arrived at the club quite early (having caught the last train), and it had not quite completed its transformation from daytime drinking nest to night time party hot spot.  We sat at the bar surrounded by a few alcoholic and possibly homeless old men and women, and a couple of younger people who looked like they were a little bit too familiar with the business end of a crack pipe.  But as the evening wore on, the music started pumping and the students started arriving, and so started an excellent night of dancing.  Mr Sakitumi rocks!


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