Why I am an atheist

I am an atheist because religion is so unutterably silly.  I could never reconcile the kind of god who would create a universe of unfathomable size and beauty with the one described by the Christian bible, who spoke to people from burning bushes and was obsessed with women’s sex lives.  All religions, but the Christian religion most especially as it is the one I was raised in, offend my natural appreciation of the order to be found in nature.  Although I am not a scientist, I do have a love of mathematics.  Anybody who has spent any time studying the queen of sciences will understand me when I talk about the awe I experienced as I realised how amenable our world is to be described using this language.  How to square this with a god that would demand the (bizarrely temporary) sacrifice of his own son in order to forgive humankind of sins we are born with?  Born with!  We have not even had time to commit any sins and already we are defiled!

Embracing atheism saved me.  In my view the one thing held in common by most religions is the glorification of suffering.  Adherents are supposed to accept their suffering as a punishment from god, or endure it as a means of obtaining a reward in some other world or life.  Only as an atheist could I allow myself to reject all suffering and allow myself to pursue happiness, comfort, pleasure and contentment.


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